FULL CLIP: Using Hilarious Loophole, Daily Wire’s Walsh SLAMS School Board in 60 Seconds


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Last month, Daily Wire commentator Matt Walsh announced he would be attending Loudoun County’s school board meeting in Virginia. Loudoun’s board, upon hearing that news, changed its rules in an effort to block Walsh from speaking. Hilariously, Walsh found a way to work around their new standards by leasing a property in the area.

Walsh went viral last month after speaking out against COVID policies during a school board meeting in Tennessee. And even prior to yesterday’s meeting in Loudoun County, he had strongly voiced concern in the Loudoun County School District due to the district imposing “a radical trans policy allowing males access to girls restrooms and teams” while also forcing kids to use preferred pronouns of transgender students.

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The Loudoun County School Board decided to post a press release in response to Walsh’s comments in order to make changes as to who exactly could make public comment at a school board meeting. After amending the rules, those wishing to give comments must include a Virginia driver’s license with Loudoun County residency or a utility bill with name and address. It could also include other forms of identification such as rental lease agreement or mortgage.

To counteract this, Walsh rented a home in the area, causing stirs of laughter on the right and inconsolable crying from radical leftists.

The saga, an entertaining and humorous one indeed, all led up to yesterday’s meeting, where Walsh DID, in fact, deliver his remarks. Listen to his sixty-second ROAST of the district here:

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  1. Good job, Walsh! The comments were articulate, true, and concise. Speak up, community! Schools are for the good of young people, but the children need to be supervised by adults with a commitment to truth, honor, and integrity. With immorality all around them, children must interact with adults who can teach them not only skills for comprehension and making a living, but also skills for wise and honorable leadership.

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