Arizona AG Puts Maricopa in Litigation Hold, Requests ALL Docs Pertaining to Election


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In a bombshell development from the Maricopa County audit, Arizona Assistant Attorney General Jennifer Wright sent a letter to county officials requesting every document pertaining to the 2020 election.

In her letter, Wright told the county that they are on litigation hold, putting coordinators on notice. Wright also suggested that the Attorney General’s office’s expectation is a further investigation and potentially litigation.

This is an exciting development in the case, as Attorney General Mark Brnovich was not expected to take any real action in light of the audit’s results.

President of the Arizona Senate Karen Fann also received a notice from Wright, which requested further documents from her side as well.

Here is the letter from Brnovich’s office to Maricopa County ⤵️

PDF viewer not working? Also view the letter here.

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