FULL LIST: 19 GOP Governors Have Vowed to FIGHT Biden’s Forced Vax Mandate. Has Yours?


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Thursday evening, Joe Biden announced his handlers’ new COVID-19 vaccine mandate for ALL American businesses with more than 100 employees.

Watch as Biden sends a chilling authoritarian message here:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem were some of the first Republican governors to speak out about the federal mandate.

Watch Ron DeSantis deliver remarks at a press conference here:

Noem sent a strong message to Biden, insisting that her legal team would be fighting the mandate… “See you in court,” she says.

Here is a full list of the Republican governors that vowed to fight back against Joe Biden’s unconstitutional mandate:

  • Noem, SD
  • DeSantis, FL
  • Ivey, AL
  • Gordon, WY
  • Reeves, MS
  • Abbott, TX
  • Stitt, OK
  • Ricketts, NE
  • Lee, TN
  • Little, ID
  • Reynolds, IA
  • McMasters, SC
  • Parson, MO
  • Ducey, AZ
  • Dunleavy, AK
  • Hutchinson, AR
  • Kemp, GA
  • Burgum, ND
  • Gianforte, MT

Notable Republican governors who have NOT spoken out include the following:

  • Mike DeWine, Ohio — Up for re-election in 2022, DeWine has soaked up the media spotlight as a COVID-19 darling governor. Unfortunately, DeWine has NOT made a statement against Biden’s federal mandate. He DID, however, give a weak, luke warm response. WATCH:

Really, Mike? Your voters are watching… and they aren’t convinced.

  • Jim Justice, West Virginia — has also failed to make a statement against Biden’s mandates.

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6 Responses

  1. Time to primary out any politician that does not stand up immediately and totally condemn the illegitimate Alzheimer’s patient and his handlers illegal vaccine mandate. He has no legal right to force people out if work. This shows you what the 2 weeks to flatten the curve brought us, emboldened little dictators running roughshod over our rights.

  2. Where is our GOVERNOR Hutchinson- Arkansas. You’ve been on the fence too much lately. Step up or you WILL BE OUT

  3. Mike DeWine? I’m a Republican in Ohio, and we’re watching you. You can be impeached, as I’m sure you’re WELL AWARE by now.

    You’ll be primaried soon, anyway.

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