JUST IN: Local LA Station Reports: Republican Recall Voters are Being Told They “Already Voted”


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Here we go again. As Californians rush to the polls to recall Gavin Newsom and elect Larry Elder, new reports from the ground are causing a much-deserved concern amongst Republicans.

Local Los Angeles news station KTLA has reported numerous instances of Republicans being told that they had already voted, interviewing one.

The issue is happening all over the San Fernando valley at multiple voting sites, according to KTLA.

88-year-old Estelle Bender told KTLA that she “went to El Camino High School to vote, got there at 10:30, gave her this [ballot] and she scanned it… and said, ‘You’ve already voted.'”

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Bender recalled that the poll worker told her, “This has been happening all morning.”

The L.A. Registrar’s office has released a statement claiming that these wrongs will be corrected and claims to be offering all those affected provisional ballots. But obviously, it’s becoming impossible to trust elections run by Democrats.

Bender, a Republican, shared her thoughts and concerns further in the clip below from KTLA’s report:

Tomorrow, September 14th is the final day for Californians to get out and vote for Larry Elder.

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