FULL VIDEO: Licensed Physician TEARS APART Virus ‘Guidance’ in Presentation at School Board


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At an August school board meeting in Fortville, Indiana, a brilliant doctor absolutely shredded COVID-19 guidelines enforced in classrooms. Mt. Vernon Community school board held a rendezvous on August 6th to discuss the guidance and give experts and parents a platform to exchange comments and concerns.

The physician, Dr. Dan Stock, destroyed every single guideline the CDC and NIH have recommended, and the school is now RECONSIDERING mask mandates. But for now, the guidelines are as follows, according to the Greenfield Reporter:

“Mt. Vernon requires them in buildings in the orange and red tiers – the most severe of the district’s color system.”

Here are some other notes from the Reporter:

“Nine people spoke critically of the district’s health and safety protocols at the meeting, most of whom are Mt. Vernon parents … Their concerns included a lack of educational opportunities for quarantined students, frustration toward the ever-changing recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, impacts to students’ mental and emotional health, and effects on personal freedoms. They expressed discouragement over how political COVID-19 measures have become, pointed to low mortality and few instances of severe illness among children from the novel coronavirus, and questioned how Mt. Vernon would enforce the measures.”


Dr. Dan Stock’s presentation was full of coherent data, CDC takedowns, and something we need a lot more of in this country — common sense.

Watch the FULL video here:

We highly recommend watching this full 6 minute clip, if you haven’t yet. It is very useful information from an extremely high quality source.

Here is one portion of the transcript:

“So you cannot stop spread, you cannot make these numbers that you’ve planned on get better by doing any of the things that you’re doing,” he said. “Because that is the nature of viral respiratory pathogens. And you can’t prevent it with a vaccine because they don’t do the very thing you’re wanting them to do.”

As mentioned before, the school board is now reconsidering its mask mandates — as it should — due to the common sense presentation of Dr. Stock.

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12 Responses

  1. Thank you for this! We all need this information, Would it be possible to get the flash drive? I’m currently trying to help someone not get fired because of vaccine mandates.

  2. Probably one of the best videos in that type of setting that I’ve seen to-date.
    People are so scared and so trusting of CDC and NIH that they don’t stop and ask basic questions.
    “Why are recovered C-19 people never factored into anything” aka (if you get the V you can do x-y-z).
    I hope that board listened to his remarks.
    Rand Paul is telling people to no longer comply – those are powerful words from a sitting senator with 33 years of actual medical experience (people seem to forget about that!)

  3. I can’t open your videos- any of them!! I know it’s not you it’s big brother- I’m pissed! This happens a lot!

    1. Hi Pam,

      Sorry to hear that — big tech has targeted us aggressively. The Rumble embed seems to be working on our front end. The image at the top isn’t the video. The embedded video is a ways down the article, after some content.

      I hope we were able to help you out here. Thank you for your support! 💪🏼🇺🇸

  4. Thank you for this! We all need this information, Would it be possible to get the flash drive? I’m currently trying to help someone not get fired because of vaccine mandates.

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