JUST IN: Unearthed Docs PROVE: Biden-Linked Org DEMANDED Voter ID, Paper Ballots in 2016

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In 2016, the Center for American Progress, a left-wing organization linked to the Biden administration, published a recently unearthed article outlining methods to secure US elections.

The authors, Danielle Root and Liz Kennedy, detail nine points: Require voter-verified paper ballots or records for every vote cast, replace old voting machines, and conduct robust post-election audits to confirm election outcomes. The first and last are ongoing demands coming mainly from Republicans, although they face scrutiny from the left. 

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The list continues:

  • Update and secure outdated voter registration systems and e-poll books
  • Require minimum cybersecurity standards for voter registration systems and other pieces of voting infrastructure
  • Perform mandatory pre-election testing on all voting machines

Concerns regarding the hack-ability of election software predated the 2020 election. The last points include: expand threat information sharing, elevate coordination between states and federal agencies on election security, and provide federal funding for updating election infrastructure. 

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The article goes on to suggest, “U.S. election systems are not equipped to handle sophisticated cyberattacks and other interference. Even in the absence of a malicious campaign, the negative consequences of this vulnerability to the strength and resiliency of U.S. democracy and government are steep.”

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