Gina Carano Strikes Back Against Disney’s Empire and the Cancel Mob


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Anyone right of center is living in a different America, with a different set of rules.

Gina Carano, a former mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter and, until recently, a Star Wars The Mandalorian character, has no fear of throwing around her weight or opinions.  Instead of allowing an American citizen to voice her opinions on her social media sites, which had no bearing on her performance at her job, Disney opted instead to silence and subsequently fire the living embodiment of female empowerment in the predominantly male Mandalorian cast.

Carano’s “grave offense”? She shared an image of a Jewish woman running down the street, captioned:

“Jews were beaten in the streets, not by Nazi soldiers but by their neighbors [sad-face emoji]… even by children. Because history is edited, most people today don’t realize that to get to the point were Nazi sodiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews. How is that any different from hating someone for their political views?”

Carano, instead of the anti-Semitism of which she is accused, pointed to a historical fact that made a relatively gentle comparison much different from the way other Democrats and Left Wing Hollywood elites have used the Holocaust and allusions to Nazi Germany in debate. Carano’s overall point was that people can do terrible evils to one another when they truly believe that this “Other” is less than human or literally evil- as the mainstream media and prominent Democrats have said Republicans are for a while, the past four years especially. The Democrat-controlled government, the out-of-touch Hollywood liberals, and propaganda mainstream/corporate media have intensified the polarization of the people of the United States and Carano is one of the many that has to die at the altar of neo-liberal elitism.

The problem with using the Holocaust as an example is when overwrought people make literal comparisons, making the actual atrocities committed during this historical event a flippant point to “win” their argument. Carano did not do this. Carano, in this instance, was historically accurate; once Jews were placed in the Nazi ghettos, the Judenrat had the Jewish Police, which was an auxiliary police force for the Nazis, to control the Jewish people. The Nazis created a caste system even amongst the Jews not dissimilar to how some right of center politically in America feel like they need to distinguish themselves from uncompromising conservatives.

Carano’s caption should have been celebrated as someone who is pointing out that there’s so much more room for unity between the political aisle, but instead, Lucasfilms, Disney Plus, and the United Talent Agency have taken their inflated sense of moral high ground and have attempted to “cancel” her at the behest of a vocal minority of angry “fans” (read: mob).

It is, however, a hypocritical move when one considers Disney filmed their 2020 adaptation of Mulan in Xinjiang, China. Xinjiang is the same province where one million Christians and Uighur Muslims are being held in torturous reeducation camps by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Houses of worship are being destroyed almost every day there, as well.

Also remarkable is the fact Marvel director James Gunn was fired and then rehired after his gross pedophilic “joke” Twitter posts from 2010. The fuel for his rehiring was a passionate letter in his defense from the actors/actresses in his Disney/Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy franchise movie, as well as a myriad of fans. 

Pedro Pascal made a literal comparison; on his Twitter, in a post dated June 20th, 2018 he claimed  US immigration detention camps were the same as Holocaust extermination camps. 

His post showed a picture of Jews in a concentration camp with the caption “Germany 1944”. Directly below that photo is a picture of children behind steel bars with the caption “America 2018”. He captioned both pictures with the hashtag “ThisIsAmerica”. The joke is ultimately on him, however, as the photo he used of “kids in cages” (now “kids in overflow containment facilities” under President Joe Biden) was actually a photo of Palestinian children waiting in line at a soup kitchen in 2010..

As of publication, Disney has not responded to complaints against Pascal’s insensitive/erroneous Holocaust tweet from 2018 or the repercussions, if any, that await him for his actions.

One Twitter user, named @ThatAliceSmith opined, “If Gina Corano[sic] gets fired and you don’t [fire Pascal] for the same thing, isn’t that patriarchal privilege? #DisneyIsSexist.”

Carano isn’t the first example of conservative cancellation and leftist Hollywood hypocrisy in refusing to punish their own by the same rules.  The Left has continued to grow this new great divide and isolate Republicans, Libertarians, and Centrists from mainstream art and entertainment for a long time, but now, like Star Wars’ infamous Sand People, Conservatives are coming to fight back “and in greater numbers”. 

Carano will still be successful as the center and right are pushed further away from the mainstream, however. The announcement to hire Carano as an actress/producer under the banner of the Daily Wire’s new entertainment company was posted on February 12th on Ben Shapiro’s Twitter and the Daily Wire website. Carano proudly announced the new partnership by posting “Welcome to the Rebellion” on her social media accounts.

Hopefully Democrats can actually live out their cries for “unity” but it’s starting to look more and more like the Left and anyone just right of Mao are living in separate Americas ideologically.

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