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Don't Let Big Tech Win!

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“God does not have a political party,” proclaimed popular presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg in 2019.  “Jesus isn’t interested in America’s two-party division,” stated the liberal Washington Post the same year.  Naturally, a month after his first statement, Buttigieg said if God did have a party it wouldn’t “be the one that sent [President Trump] into the White House.”  So much for the non-partisan façade.  

Republicans, by contrast, should confidently state what Buttigieg’s disingenuousness tried to obscure – that God is on our side.  I have never met a Republican who believed that God did the bidding of our party, and of course, He does not.  But the obvious fact that God doesn’t answer to us doesn’t change the truth – that Democrats routinely ignore His laws, while Republicans at least try to follow them.

Since God’s laws (as proclaimed by Judaism and Christianity) are fairly extensive, let’s start with the basics.  In the Bible, God gave his people a simple set of rules known as the “Ten Commandments” to follow.  How do the parties stack up against those? 

Two commandments that go hand in hand are ‘You shall not steal’ and ‘You shall not covet your neighbor’s goods.’  

Virtually every Democratic Party candidate loudly proclaims their love of the poor, promising constituents to tax the rich and give to the needy.  But their ideas are the opposite of charity – they are theft.  Republicans, on the other hand, believe in encouraging charity rather than demanding it.

True charity is an act of sacrifice, such as volunteering at a homeless shelter.  Voting for Biden so that he’ll mug a rich guy doesn’t cut it.  Having the government perform the bulk of charity work also coarsens society, because helping the needy goes from personal kindness to impersonal bureaucracy.

But is taxation really theft?

Under most circumstances, yes.  It’s okay to force everyone to cooperate in order to provide for routine law enforcement, national defense, emergency services, and basic aid for our most vulnerable citizens, such as the elderly.  Those are safety issues, and affect virtually everyone.

Beyond that though, each person should ask themselves a simple question – would I rob someone at gunpoint to fund a charity?  Because when you vote for Democrats, that’s what you’re doing.

Of course, politicians who promise to “only” tax the rich always end up taxing the middle class too.  Regardless of who’s getting taxed though, here’s how it works: You vote for someone who promises to raise taxes.  The person whose taxes are raised cannot refuse to pay.  If they do, and continue to do so after being ordered to pay by a court, they will be arrested.  If they resist, the police will use force, including a gun.  Congratulations voter!  You just robbed someone at gunpoint.  And you can’t evade responsibility for it just because a police officer used the gun instead of you.  You knew the tax would be mandatory.

Then there’s the commandment ‘You shall not kill.’  Abortions kill more Americans than any other cause, with more than a million each year.  While some have claimed the number is around 800,000, this does not take into consideration that states such as California refuse to report their numbers, as I noted in my book (which provides a lawyer’s perspective on abortion law in everyday language.)

The Supreme Court (wrongly) ruled in 1973 that the Constitution protects virtually all abortions though the fifth or sixth month of pregnancy, and many Democrat-controlled states such as New York allow abortion up until the very moment of birth if there is a “medical reason.”  They don’t go into the details of what “medical reason” could exist for killing a baby which is able to survive outside of the womb anyway, and can thus be safely removed from the mother if there is any danger to either.  My own wife was induced before her due date as a result of possible preeclampsia, which posed a risk to her health, and she and our baby are doing great.

Nearly 100% of abortion deaths are preventable by simply outlawing the procedure, yet Democrats fight tooth and nail to keep it legal, and wage campaigns of personal destruction against Supreme Court nominees such as Brett Kavanaugh who want to allow the American People to vote on the issue.  Their candidates get millions of dollars in funding each year from the political advocacy arm of America’s leading abortion provider, Planned Parenthood.  Their non-answers as to how they can support the murder of a child – that it is the mother’s “choice” and that Republicans are uncharitable on other issues, are a subterfuge.  Killing the person living within you when there is no real danger to you is an act of supreme selfishness, especially where you voluntarily engaged in the act of creation.  And the fact that Republicans refuse to back big-government “charity” schemes would not outweigh the deaths of 60 million babies aborted since the act was legalized even if it was the result of unkindness.

Speaking of Democrats lying to destroy Brett Kavanaugh (and Justice Clarence Thomas under similar circumstances) I seem to recall a commandment about bearing false testimony against others.  That would probably include having someone with zero evidence and an obvious political motive accuse Kavanaugh of raping her over thirty years ago, and supporting her story even when testimony and evidence began to disprove it.  It looks like Democrats overlooked that rule, too.  

Next, we have a commandment that tells us that we may not commit adultery.  In Matthew 5:27-28, Jesus explains that adultery can include impure sexual thinking, and is not confined simply to cheating on a spouse.  Democratic party leaders, however, seem to have majored in encouraging sexual vice.  Despite warnings in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible against homosexual behavior, Democrats not only back gay marriage, but have attempted to make it a hate crime for private citizens to be against it.  This is despite recent Supreme Court rulings making it clear that the law must not be hostile to those whose religion prevents them from supporting homosexual acts.  Democrats also fully support transgender transformations (the abusive nature of which I discussed here) and child pornography, with Barack and Michelle Obama being paid millions to work for Netflix, a company now notorious for producing the movie “cuties” in which preteen girls perform a plethora of highly sexual acts as part of a “dance routine”.  

Of course, as Alyssa Rosenberg of the left-wing Washington Post reminds us, “Cuties does not feature nudity, just a very quick glance at an adolescent girl’s breast…”.  Parents of young children can rest assured!  The left isn’t sexualizing kids, or put them naked in front of the cameras!  Just…briefly nude and performing sexual moves onstage!  Nothing to see here!  (Wasn’t there another commandment about honoring parents? – I guess that doesn’t mean much if your political party’s officials pulled their own parents out of nursing homes right before stuffing said nursing homes full of Wuhan Virus patients).  

You know, I’m starting to smell something burning.  I thought it was just a friendly neighborhood dumpster fire set by ANTIFA or BLM, but it might be the hellfire and brimstone these Democrats are inviting.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not great about keeping another commandment, the one about resting on the sabbath (Sunday for Christians, Saturday for Jews).  I go to Church, but I should use the rest of the day to focus on my family and faith.

At least I don’t belong to the party that hates Hobby Lobby and Chick-fil-A, though, two of the only remaining American restaurants or retailers that give their workers Sundays off.  Democrats have gone after both companies for supporting religious liberty.  Their elected officials also ordered millions of churches to close Sunday services due to a supposedly devastating pandemic, while keeping open the doors of McDonalds.    

Finally, God has commanded us to avoid other gods and false idols.  In addition to leftists making routine attempts to take God out of the Pledge of Allegiance, the schools, and the courtroom, they’re fairly prone to idolatry.  As author Ann Coulter points out, try telling a Democrat that the theory of evolution is nonsense (even if you’re not sure yourself!).  Then count down the seconds before they start treating you like you’ve committed a grave sin, or heresy of the worst kind.  They have a religion, and it’s called “atheism.”  It’s a fanatical faith that’s killed over 100 million people in communist countries, and it’s entirely dependent on the theory of evolution, because without that its followers have no way to explain the creation of life, human or otherwise.    

I hope the Lord will understand that I’m not taking His name in vain when I sincerely say, “Dear God, save us from these people!” 

The vast majority of practicing Christians and Jews vote Republican.  It’s time for the rest to get on the bus.  Or at least walk away from the Democrats. 

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