Governor Abbott Reveals the Shocking Number of Migrants He’s Bused to So-Called ‘Sanctuary Cities,’ Slamming Biden


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Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) took to Twitter Tuesday morning to share statistics on the number of migrants his administration has shipped to so-called ‘sanctuary cities‘ across the country.

Abbott’s tweet comes two days after the Governor sent busloads of illegal migrants to Kamala Harris’ residence in Washington, DC.

“Texas has bused over 15,900 migrants to sanctuary cities,” the Governor, who just won re-election, said, “We’re providing relief to local communities overwhelmed by President Biden’s open border policies.”

Abbott also listed the staggering amount of migrants he has shipped to each city:

Abbott’s actions come months after multiple Republican governors, including Abbott himself, were attacked by the left-wing mob for busing migrants to DC and Martha’s Vineyard.

Both cities swiftly moved to remove the immigrants sent their way, as we reported here.

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