“Give Me A News Anchor!” Woman Holds Walmart Associate Hostage Before Police Take Fatal Measures


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Police in Richland, Mississippi fatally shot a 21-year-old woman Wednesday after the woman, identified as Corlunda McGinister, stormed into a Walmart, taking a store associate hostage. 

The incident was first reported on Twitter Wednesday when Richland Police tweeted out that there was an “incident at a Walmart involving a weapon.” Later, videos taken inside the Walmart started circulating showing the woman taking the store associate hostage in the customer service area and walking out toward the registers.

During the tense situation, McGinister demanded a ‘news anchor.’

“Hey, give me a news anchor right now,” McGinister said in one video captured by a customer. Ducking behind a rack of chip bags, the onlooker pleaded with McGinister to release the captured associate, saying, “Let her go, please.”


McGinister continued, saying, “I’m not trying to hurt anybody… give me a news anchor,” before dragging the store associate with her against her will to another area of the store. 

In one of the clips, police tell the suspect to repeatedly drop her weapon as they follow her, eventually fatally shooting her.

“It’s devastating for all parties involved, the police officers, everybody that was in this situation,” Richland Police Chief Nick McLendon said. 

“You know with the Christmas season coming …. mental health is a big deal because of the stress involved in the Christmas season,” McLendon continued. 

No other individuals were hurt during the incident and the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is conducting a further look into the shooting.


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