HORRIFYING: Inner-City Toddler Punches Police Officers, Curses at Them


small child attacks police officers in minnesota
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A new video shows a small child punching and cursing at two police officers on what appears to be a Minnesota city street.

The child can be seen making eye contact with one officer and yelling “shut up, b*tch”. In the video, he then punches a second officer in the groin, trying to fight the officer before yelling “f*ck off”.

The child then reached down to the officers shoes and yelled, “…got those ugly a$$ church [unintelligible]…”  He then walked back over to the original officer and struck him on the arm and repeated, “shut up, b*tch”. 

The age of the child is unknown, but is estimated between 4-6 years old. 

Twitter users wondered if the behavior of this small child is simply a reflection of the environment he is being brought up in: 

Users also pointed out that many children in these types of communities are taught that police are evil: 

One even pointed out how the national news media would attack the officers if they tried to correct the child: 

Another user shared a video of another urban incident with yet another child using profanity and violence: 

Background details of the original video are limited. From the context, it appears two officers are at some form of a call and engaging with the public. The minivan in the video has Minnesota license plates, meaning the video was likely filmed in Minnesota – with the most populated urban city center being Minneapolis-St. Paul. Several older children or teens can be seen in the background, presumably speaking with the officers. The parents of the children seem to not appear in the video. 

As of Tuesday morning, the video has gathered over 1.3 million views. 

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