ICYMI: Despite Leaving 7,000+ for Dead in Nursing Homes, Cuomo Receives Emmy Award


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Governor Andrew  Cuomo won the 2020 International Emmy Founders Award on November the 23rd, 2020 for his “effective use of television during the pandemic.”

President and CEO of the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Bruce Paisner, introduced Governor Cuomo by saying “One man took it upon himself to use technology to spread reliable information and tell citizens what to do. Governor Cuomo’s daily press conferences were a whole new dimension in public education. He informed, he demanded, and he calmed people down. No one who saw it will easily forget it…”

New Yorkers and Governor Cuomo himself were celebrating his so-called ‘bipartisan’ leadership. The Emmys and several well-known actors such as Rosie Perez, Ben Stiller, Billy Crystal, Robert DeNiro, and Spike Lee all felt they needed to tell the self-appointed “Governor-of-the-World” that he is the international leader the world needed, much like how the fictional world of DC’s Earth-One looks up to Superman. “You set an example for the rest of the nation, for the rest of the world how to be a leader during a time of crisis,” Rosie Perez, star of internationally acclaimed “Birds of Prey” gushed during her speech.

Perhaps President Trump should reconsider the 137,809 executive orders, news conferences, spoken addresses, oral address, economic reports, press offices, media conferences, disaster declarations, press briefings, and tweets regarding the COVID-19 international pandemic and should seek to be more like Governor Cuomo. Instead of asking what a sane, rational person would do, they should forever ask themselves “WWCD” – What Would Cuomo Do?

Current and future presidents should also all look to Governor Cuomo as an excellent example of double-edged partisan and bipartisan sentiments. In his Emmy Award video Governor Cuomo says “New York has been getting the short end of the stick from this federal government from day one right across the board,” seemingly throwing the current administration of President Donald Trump under the bus and just ten seconds later is also shown saying “Forget red and blue, we are red, white, and blue, we are Americans.”

Governor Cuomo wanted the world to know that “[he] offered authentic truth and stability [and] that’s enough” because “We [the world] are New York tough.

This article is satire.

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