If Biden Gets His Way, the Economy Will Take Ten Years to Recover.


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Job-Killin’ Joe Biden, stunningly, made a correct prediction this past week stating that at the rate the economy added jobs in December it would take ten years to return to full employment—that is, a deep, deep depression. The economy recovered 39,000 in the government sector—and only 6,000 in the private sector.

He has an ambitious goal ahead of him: getting ten million Americans back to work. But the job really is not that difficult. However, his administration’s policies and what many Democrats are advocating, will hinder the economy for many years to come. And this is no hyperbole. The proof is in the pudding.

In The Wall Street Journal yesterday, Obama’s former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, in his piece, “Why Joe Biden Needs Bipartisanship,” advocates for Biden to commit to short-term thinking. The irony abounds. This is because the “country can’t afford” another double-dip recession and the near-term risk is much more dangerous than the possibility that “inflation may return this summer.”

Summer is only four months away. Thus, Biden cannot “abandon today for tomorrow.” The one thing this country cannot afford, sitting at almost $30 trillion in government debt, is another costly spending blowout. Though, we can be sure to expect only more of it until the midterms. 

Rahm Emanuel, speaking like a true Democrat. I tend to agree that the risk of a double-dip recession is high, but we do not have to abandon today for tomorrow. That is a false choice. We can make important moves and implement smart policies, today, that will bear fruit both in the short- and long-run. For starters, we could start following the actual science, lift these lockdown restrictions, and let Americans create prosperity. 

Time and time again, the ingenuity of the American spirit has endured and thrived through dark times, without the heavy hand of the government. This time is no different. The American people have always been able to maintain and support the three major foundations for what makes the United States the supreme global power: a strong economy, a strong national defense, and the hegemony of the U.S. Dollar. 

It is the government, the majority of the time, that makes things worse—due to short-term-only, flawed thinking. This administration seems to not want to stray from precedent, except when it comes to constitutional rights. But the precedent set from the prior administration on how to properly manage an economy shows empirically what works: make it easier to do business in America. More importantly, the precedent set by Obama’s administration shows, quite clearly, the flaws of their economic thinking. Yet, Biden seems hell-bent on expanding on it. 

The economy may not take a full ten years to recover under his administration’s planned policy proposals. But it may take eight, and it could be done by the end of 2022 if Biden and Congress implement, quite literally, the opposite of what they intend. What they intend to implement sounds eerily similar to socialism, which has ravaged countries all over the world and throughout the 20th century and to this day. What would make its effects any different here? 

Biden and the Democrats are in a unique position to not make Americans endure what could possibly be six more years of needless suffering for millions. Though, it would give President Trump and his administration legitimacy and that they actually benefitted everyday Americans on both sides of the aisle. That is, he was not the boogeyman they claimed he was and still is.

We will probably see Hell freeze over before they ever engage in gaslighting their self-evoked reality. Democrats, as such, and as we have seen over the past five years, will then be playing politics with the very lives which they uphold to represent.

It seems like a crazy proposition, but with all we have witnessed recently regarding attacks on anyone even remotely close to Trump, the odds of them showing anything done by him in a good light are about as good as COVID’s true fatality rate.

What? It’s the truth.

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