Journalist Andy Ngo Flees to the UK amid Credible Death Threats from Antifa


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Andy Ngo has become one of the most controversial conservative journalists in recent years because of his persistent coverage of Antifa in cities on the West Coast, particularly Seattle and Portland.

Ngo’s book, Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy, has earned him scorn from West Coast Democrats and Antifa itself for his critical view of both organizations. 

During his most recent interview with the Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles, Ngo shared that he fled to the United Kingdom because Antifa had been threatening his life by protesting outside of his home, chanting, “Murder Andy Ngo! Kill Andy Ngo!”

Ngo clarified that he has reported this to police but feels like nothing is being done in response. Knowles responded that he was dismayed that Ngo, his friend and fellow journalist, had to flee the country because of leftist militants.

“I actually can’t believe, no matter how crazy things have gotten, that I have to utter that statement in America in 2021, but I do,” he commented.

Ngo’s history with Antifa:

Recently Ngo, a Portland native, had his book displayed in Powell’s Books when Antifa protested the bookstore. Protestors claimed Powell’s Books and owner, Emily Powell, were supporting racism by keeping the book, which labels them as communist homegrown terrorists, on the shelves. Powell’s Books capitulated to the protesters by taking the book off the shelves, but still kept the book available for online sales.

Los Angeles Times contributor Alexander Nazaryan claims that Ngo is living in an “alternate universe” and that, in light of the Capitol insurrection last month, Ngo is planting “false flags” and violent reactionaries from the alt-right might be inspired to commit violence by Ngo’s words.

Ngo seems to have legitimate cause for concern when it comes to Antifa and their propensity towards violence.

  • Ngo shared in a Fox interview that, while covering an Antifa protest which devolved into a riot on June 29th, 2019, he was assaulted with fiberglass-knuckled gloves and suffered a brain hemorrhage.
  • The traumatic brain injury has since affected his speech and memory. Many Antifa members took to Twitter soon after to harass the openly homosexual man when he posted pictures, while in the hospital, of his injuries.

Despite his difficulties and the threats on his life, Ngo is still the Editor-at-Large for The Post Millennial, an online publication based out of Canada.

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