WATCH: Activist Ian Smith Shows How to Bypass Mask Mandates Using Obama-era Loophole


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Tuesday night, Ian Smith, a gym owner and rapidly-rising conservative star posted a video on Instagram showing how we the people can use a federal loophole to avoid mask mandates:

Ironically, due to a law passed by the Obama/Biden administration, Americans can use their medical conditions as a reason to deny wearing a mask, explains the New Jersey gym owner.

Whether it be on federal property or at a private business, those with a medical condition do not need to wear a mask and cannot be forced to.

Under HIPAA, private or public individuals are not allowed to ask about a medical disability. It is illegal, and you do not have to consent to it.

The evidence needed to file a lawsuit with the ADA for an unlawful denial of service is the following:

  • who denied service
  • store number
  • admission of denial of service for a medical condition

Watch Ian’s full video for all of his advice. As seen in the clip, filing a complaint on the government website is easy and can be completed in about five minutes.

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