JUST IN: Fully-Vaxxed Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Dies of COVID-19


fully vaccinated flight attendant dies from covid
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Southwest Airlines flight attendant died from COVID-19 less than two months after he tested positive following a work trip to Hawaii, his family and friends told USA TODAY on Thursday.

Maurice Reginald “Reggie” Shepperson, 36, died on Tuesday, his mother Dawn Shepperson told the paper. Shepperson tested positive for coronavirus in early July, Marcia Hildreth, a friend, and fellow Southwest flight attendant, told USA TODAY.

Both Hildreth and Shepperson’s mother told the paper that he was fully vaccinated. Shepperson had been a flight attendant since 2007 and has worked for Southwest for nine years. 

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A flight attendant from his training class Kiki Lee told USA Today: “He was hitting the skies right way, using his benefits. He loved working, and he loved the perks.” He took his mother Dawn on one of his last work trips to Hawaii before contracting the virus. Both were repeatedly tested before departing.

He wrote in a Facebook post from the trip: “Took mommy on my work trip to Hawaii I’ll be back to get her tomorrow lol love this woman with all my heart.”

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Shepperson fell ill after returning home and immediately began to quarantine. On July 7, Shepperson drove himself to the emergency room with breathing problems.

He spent the following weeks in the hospital on a ventilator before passing away from the virus.

4 Responses

  1. I have to question these ventilators to some extent as I know other healthy people who have died after being placed on a “ventialtor”. They stated they were planning to go home soon before the “ventilator” treatment.

  2. His only complaint was breathing problems, which I think everyone has with covid… I had covid for a couple months, yes breathing problems, I propped up my upper body when sleeping (4 pillows) took expectorant, hacked up mucas constantly and stayed calm.

  3. Exactly @Ruby!
    Plus vaccine & blot clots and flying …. Bad bad mix!
    How much do we want to bet he developed blood clots!
    Informed Consent is imperative!!

  4. Or passed away from the damaging effects of the ventilator. Too bad there was no doctor willing to provide him with the treatments that actually work. 😢😢
    My sympathies to his family.

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