LEAKED Clip from Barry’s B-Day Bash Shows Obama & Celebs Dancing Maskless, Stoned?


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Barack Obama’s 60th birthday bash was a real hit on Martha’s Vineyard last night. A-list celebs, from Oprah to Dwyane Wade, showed up for the jubilee. People and media outlets across the world are commenting on the party, noting its maskless environment, its abundant supply of marijuana, and the hypocrisy of it all.

Rap artist Trap Beckham and his representative TJ Chapman took pics at the bash, which were eventually deleted, due to the no-snap policy at the event.

The images show the two smoking blunts of marijuana inside the event’s tent:

Napkins were provided for all of the guests… and of course, in typically-high-cotton Obama fashion, names were written in GOLD:

But everything that the DJ posted had to be torn down, at the orders of the all-powerful Obamas, because they can’t let the ordinary folks see them breaking the very rules they insist on enforcing. Here’s what the disk jockey said regarding the content he was forced to take off of Instagram:

“Had to delete everything due to the rules … it was epic for sure. If any videos surface it’s going viral. He danced the whole time. Nobody ever seen Obama like this before.

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THIS video was leaked of Obama dancing with guests — maskless, of course — as American children are FORCED to wear masks at school:

Here are some other images leaked from the massive, extravagant birthday bash on Martha’s Vineyard:

The Daily Mail reported that there was “not a mask in sight” at the bash, also noting that only ONE singular masked person was seen. The CDC’s official guidelines suggest Americans should be wearing masks inside, even if vaccinated.

Obviously, the woke Obama + celeb cabal is not too concerned about COVID-19 — or the rules they’re trying to force us to abide by.

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15 Responses

  1. At my 46th Birthday party I’m having people over and everyone will be maskless and no one will be smoking marijuana and if anyone complains…I’ll have this video ready to play for them. If anyone tells your child they can’t play or attend school without a mask, this video just gave you permission.

    1. This right here is why the right can’t be taken seriously this serves no purpose ya racist piece of crap. God it must be miserable being that way. As for actual republicans they know better than to make a comment like this. Now go cry to mama

      1. It’s obvious! Covid is not a threat! Only 2 % is getting infected and only 0.05% is dying ( with prior illnesses) I’ve been telling people and I’ll say it again! STOP WATCHING THE FREAKING NEWS ! If you stop giving them ratings then this will all end .

        1. My 42 year old cousin is fighting for his life right now . I wish vivid was a myth . I know the left has used it as a weapon against democracy and withhold medications that actually work do big Pharm can try to jab us all for trillions . Stay well and be wise I believe in freedom to chose .I will not vaccinate becouse of medical reasons it is my personal choice . Praying for all who have been injured or died from Covid and the vovid vaccine.

      2. Racist? Why, because we are pointing out the hypocrisy of that pos ********* that squatted in the white house for 8 years

      3. This is isn’t racist at all it’s about the left telling us what to do while ALL along they’re being assholes about it & not complying❗️
        GET A LIFE..!!!

  2. So where is Dr. Fauci on this?????? Oh wait can we all say we were at the party so we are exempt???
    Enough o this, time to live our lives.

    1. Yes!! This “Pandemic” is BULLSH*T!! It is all about POWER & CONTROL & NOTHING TO DO WITH THE WELFARE OF US!! 🗽⚖️🇺🇸🙏🏽💜

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