NEW DETAILS: Spoiled Georgia Ballots Were ALTERED by Staff, Counted for Biden


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In an explosive report by Just the News based upon documents obtained from Fulton County, Georgia—we have come to learn that a full-fledged audit of the state is necessary.

Remember, Georgia was a state Trump lost by a mere 11,279 votes. Whether a full audit turns out to flip the state or not, is not the point.

The point is that there are clear failures within our electoral processes and the respective state governments with such arcane and messy processes must fix them to strengthen the public’s trust. 

Dominion Voting machines had rejected over 5,000 absentee ballots as “overvotes.” This means that the way the voter filled out the ballots caused the machine to pick up a vote for two candidates… Here, one for Trump and one for Biden.

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The paper ballot in question, known by its anonymizing number 5150-232-18, had a large blob filled out for Trump, and a small mark for Biden. To wit, analyzing the ballot, it does seem the person intended to vote for Biden. 

However, the problem does not lie with this ballot. Nor does the problem lie with the voter. The problems lie with the process known as “adjudication,” where human judgment is replaced due to errors with the machine. Or errors on the ballot.

For instance, Georgia election law enables voters to write “spoiled” on the ballot if a mistaken mark is made — thus discarding their vote. The voter could also choose to have their vote not count. 

Yet, in many cases where there was spoiled written on the ballots, the votes still went to Biden. Ballot number 729-98076 had boxes filled for both Trump and Biden. The voter spoiled the ballot. Election judge awarded the vote for Biden. On yet another ballot, 5162-207-61, the word spoiled was written and it solely had a vote for Trump. 

Guess what? The vote was not counted for either candidate. This spells an improper bias on the part of the election judges, to the point of undermining faith in our electoral processes. 

Just the News was only able to obtain records on the Absentee Ballots for Fulton County, a mere 5,080. In total, there were 1,322,529 absentee ballots cast in the 2020 General Election in Georgia. Based merely on the 5,080 reviewed by JTN having many examples of impropriety, it begs the question of how many more were “overvotes” or “spoiled” absentee ballots, to which independent investigators should look to? The election in Georgia was decided by .20%.

The rejection rate in 2020 was .15%. 

How many ballots were adjudicated by election judges who, as stated above, showed a clear bias towards one candidate? How many ballots were “spoiled”—by the voters who cast them—and then had the vote awarded anyway? Regardless of who for, such things are unacceptable in our republic and undermine the public’s faith in elections.

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Another bombshell drop from the Just the News report is that in Maricopa County, it was found that 27,000 votes had to be adjudicated. Arizona was decided by 10,487. How many of these votes were improperly adjudicated? We will not know unless Maricopa County allows places like JTN to independently investigate. But, ironically, the County is refusing to allow open investigations. What is there to hide? Those 27,000 votes are only in Maricopa County. That tally does not include the votes spoiled.

There are clear discrepancies and irregularities already proven by many experts and state legislatures. With the election of 2020 being still a hot-button topic that continues to polarize the country, it would be best if the governments—governments, mind you, who are beholden to the people they represent—open up and let the audits run their course.

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