Liberal ‘Educator’ Mark Curnutte: Right-Wing White Nationalists ‘Dressed Up as Antifa All Summer Long’


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During a ‘Social Justice’ lecture at Miami University, one of the nation’s original ‘public ivy’ schools, author and ‘educator’ Mark Curnutte told students that it was white nationalists, not Antifa, burning down cities in the summer of 2020.

Obviously, Curnutte’s claims are entirely false; there are thousands of videos documenting Antifa and BLM terrorizing citizens, pillaging stores, and burning buildings.

But for some, even those that get paid to educate the next generation, the truth is beside the point.

In a discussion about violence and unrest in America, Curnutte also conveniently omitted the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) established by insurrectionists in Seattle in June, a source tells The Rogue Review.

Ironically, far left-wing groups have threatened to ‘burn down’ Washington as recently as yesterday.

Across the country, the education establishment continues to shift further left — even at a school on the Southern edge of Ohio and Indiana in America’s heartland — and being a free thinker has become more and more demonized at liberal universities.

  • A 2018 Gallup poll found that less than half of American adults trust higher education — a 9-point drop from 2015.
  • Other recent polls show that liberal students outnumber conservative students by as much as 4:1 at some large public schools.

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