Major Church Considers Making God ‘NON-BINARY’ In Scripture


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The Church of England is deliberating a potential change in the language of scripture that would overturn thousands of years of precedent – and the word of God Himself.

The Church, led by wildly ‘progressive’ Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, is reportedly considering a radical shift to “gender neutral” pronouns for God.

The move comes as ‘non-gendered’ self-identifications are exploding in the United States and around the world.

In light of the societal fad, Rev. Joanna Stobart from the Diocese of Bath and Wells has asked the Church of England to “develop more inclusive language in our authorized liturgy,” and Archbishop Welby could be in support of the movement based on past comments disregarding God’s role as the Father in scripture and in the faith.

A 2018 Guardian headline even reads, “God is gender-neutral, says archbishop of Canterbury.”

Reverend Stobart apparently asked the church to “provide more options for those who wish to use authorized liturgy and speak of God in a non-gendered way, particularly, in authorized absolutions where many of the prayers offered for use refer to God using male pronouns.”

However, many in the Church of England are still pushing for common sense over reactionary virtue signaling.

The Political Insider reports:

The concept of metaphors and symbolism is lost on the left. Member of the Archbishop’s Council of the Church of England Rev. Ian Paul presents a masterclass on what God is.

“The use of male pronouns for God should not be understood as implying that God is male,” Rev. Paul claims.

Indeed, even a proponent of gender-neutral language can agree that God is neither man nor woman. As Anglican priest Dr. Dorothy Lee explains “The Bible is quite clear…that both male and female are made in God’s image and that God transcends gender.”

So does that mean God is non-binary? No, because that’s a made-up construct based more on personality versus biology. 

But does this argument mean he shouldn’t be referred to as he or God Himself? Not according to Anglican Bishop Dr. Michael Stead.

“To use the current idiom,” Dr. Stead explains, “God has told us his preferred pronouns. He is father, so he and him are the appropriate pronouns, and that’s how we ought to relate to him.”

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