Man Who Pummeled Elderly Army Vet in Nursing Home Has Charges Dropped


jaden hayden beats war veteran in nursing home
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Charges have been dropped against a man who recorded video footage of himself beating a 75-year-old Army Veteran in a Michigan nursing home.

The video, dated May 15, 2020, shows Jadon Hayden repeatedly punching Norman Bledsoe in the head. Bledsoe appeared to bleed profusely from his head, as Hayden yelled “Get the f*ck off my bed!” Hayden set up his phone to record the assault and posted the video to social media. Later, he was also accused of stealing several of Bledsoe’s credit cards.

Watch the video (WARNING – graphic):

Bledsoe suffered several broken fingers, ribs and a broken jaw. He died two months after the attack, though authorities would not rule the death as a homicide. The family told The Detroit News that Bledsoe was not the same after the vicious assault.

Charges were dropped by the court, ruling Hayden as too “incompetent” to stand trial.

Hayden had previously lived in a group home and had a history of violent behavior. After he was diagnosed with COVID-19, he was placed into a nursing home facility in Ann Arbor – in the same room as Norman Bledsoe.

According to Fox 2 Detroit, Hayden is currently undergoing treatment at Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital.

The Bledsoe family is suing the nursing home and has hired a well-known Michigan lawyer, according to the Daily Wire.

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  1. Whoever ordered COVID patients put in nursing homes with healthy people should also be arrested. Family should also sue them. Horrible and no excuse. HIs death is on the that person that made the choice to expose healthy people to COVID.

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