WATCH: Maher Says “California is Creating” Generations of LGBT Kids


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New Pew Research surveys reveal unnatural shifting levels of identification under the LGBT label.

The new survey, which finds over 7% of the current American population identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, most notably shows massive leaps in identification for each generation.

Here is a graph showing the increases per generation:

While many on the left-wing claim these increases are simply a result of a more welcoming America for gay people, Pew’s overall survey finds numbers are stagnant among older generations surveyed now in 2022.

In other words, the Generation Z subgroup, and millennials to a much lesser extent, are the only ones changing rapidly, shattering the idea that shame is at fault for older generations staying in the closet.

These seemingly unnatural jumps in LGBT affiliation have brought more questions than answers, and comedian Bill Maher had some fun with it on a recent episode of “Real Time” from HBO.


The rapid rise in LGBT affiliation is concerning many parents in America, and given what schools are reaching kids nowadays, it should.

Just in May of 2022, our publication has reported on multiple videos that surfaced online showing teachers admitting to gender and sexual grooming of kids.

In one video, a teacher can be seen bragging about causing a young child to “question” his or her gender.

In another, a teacher says that her fourth-grade students “are queer” because she is “queer.” Watch that clip here.

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