WATCH: RECORD-BREAKING Wave of Illegals Hops the Border


giant group of migrants wading through rio grande
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Fox News border correspondent Bill Melugin recorded one of the “biggest groups ever witnessed” of illegal aliens crossing the U.S. southern border.

Melugin and his team captured “hundreds upon hundreds” of migrants wading through the Rio Grande river. ‘Coyotes’ (human smugglers) reportedly were leading the mass of people over the river from Mexico. According to Melugin, this particular coyote is a suspected cartel guide. 

Border Patrol was absent from the scene, with only a single National Guard vehicle at the border. 

Melugin captured photos of the crossing:

Another group was captured on video crossing into Eagle Pass, Texas:

Illegal immigration has been a top subject this month, with two illegal immigrants planning a July 4th shooting in the state of Virginia. The Guatemalan men were arrested by authorities before they carried out a planned mass shooting at a Richmond parade.

The Biden administration will also be transporting illegal immigrants out-of-state for abortions, at the U.S. taxpayer’s expense, according to

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