Ex-CNN Hack Cuomo’s Latest Stunt is ALMOST Unbelievable


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Chris Cuomo, the former host of CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time and disgraced brother of also disgraced sexual assaulter Andrew Cuomo, has returned to “journalism” after a 7-month hiatus. His new gig? Cosplaying as a “free agent” reporter for his social media followers in Ukraine. But, as there always is with the Cuomos, there is a catch, which we will discuss later in the article.

In Cuomo’s triumphant return to the spotlight, ‘Fredo‘ late last month announced he had reached Ukraine. Since then, Cuomo has sent more pictures and videos showing the devastation the war has brought to the region.

“More to come of how bad it is getting here. #ukraine #ukrainewar #letsgetafterit.” Cuomo said. He has been providing updates on social media ever since.

On Monday, Cuomo posted a series of videos of himself reporting live on the scene while embedded with Ukrainian troops. In it, he is embracing the theatrics of war-zone coverage fully, as he is dressed in full military-style fatigues while improperly wearing his battle helmet. He even made sure to record when he was hurriedly being rushed up a hill as if there was a clear and present danger.

Cuomo, who promised independent reporting, is instead focused on peddling the mainstream media’s usual lines, insisting to viewers that “America should be paying a lot more attention” to the situation in Ukraine.

“I went to the eastern front. Shelling is intense and devastating. Why so little coverage here?” Cuomo asked his followers before likening the Ukrainians fighting against Russia to Americans in the revolution when they established independence from the Brits – a laughable comparison, especially considering the proxy powers that are currently behind the Ukrainian government.

Cuomo compared Ukraine to America’s revolutionaries:

“Ukrainians sound like Americans ~240yrs ago vs the British. They are laying down their lives to keep the freedoms we have here.”

But as it turns out, there’s a big catch… Cuomo was spotted in the luxurious New York Hamptons less than 24 hours AFTER his announcement, per a report from the Daily Mail.

According to the Mail, it’s “unclear who is footing the bill” for Cuomo’s foray back into journalism. However, he has been working with actor Sean Penn, who is in the country filming a documentary, on reporting about the war. Cuomo is also peddling merchandise on his website.

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