Meet Lee Zeldin, the Republican Running for Governor of New York


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Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-NY) is officially running for Governor of New York, announcing his plans on Fox & Friends this morning.

This is an exciting development for Americans, and especially New Yorkers, who just elected Zeldin to Congress in 2020. During his 2020 race, Zeldin made a name for himself and showed a proclivity for picking up top endorsements:

Big-time endorsements in 2020:

  • DONALD J TRUMP: “Congressman Lee Zeldin is a fighter for New York! He serves our country in the Army Reserve & works hard for our Vets and first responders. He’ll stand with our police, against radical liberal attempts to defund them. Lee has my complete & total endorsement!”
  • MARK LEVIN: “One of the most important members of the House of Representatives, let alone one of the most important elections to watch in the House right now, is that of Lee Zeldin from NY’s 1st Congressional District.”

Zeldin is a veteran, formerly the youngest attorney in state history, and a native of Long Island, New York.

Do YOU support Lee Zeldin over Gov Andrew Cuomo? Let us know here.

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