WHERE IS THE VP? 2 Weeks After Border Crisis Assignment, Kamala is Still M.I.A.


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Two weeks after first being named the Biden administration’s lead on the border crisis, Vice President Kamala Harris is still missing in action. The administration has been extremely quiet on border efforts lately, even as the situation has been a crisis since soon after President Joe Biden’s swearing-in back in January.

VP Harris continues to dodge press attention on the border as well; only right-wing networks and newspapers have covered her absence. The White House did respond, contending that the veep is off doing more important things.

Just about a week ago, I wrote that Kamala was disappointed about the rocky nature of her DC move-in as the newly-elected second-in-command. Now, with renovations complete, perhaps Harris is enjoying some time off in her newly upgraded mansion.

Unfortunately for Americans wondering about the health and ability of Joe Biden, it seems the Vice President is just as prone to hiding.

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