Meghan McCain Gets EXPLICIT While Trashing GOP Candidate


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Meghan McCain, the former lady of The View and daughter of late Senator John McCain, raised eyebrows on Twitter this week when she posted an expletive message against Republican Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake.

Lake, a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump, found herself in McCain’s crosshairs when the hardcore Never Trumper sent a tweet attacking her:

McCain was quote-tweeting a Rightside Broadcasting post about Kari Lake’s Tucson rally at The Maverick, a live country music club in town. Meghan mistook “The Maverick” label on the flier as an insult, suggesting Lake was using her father’s infamous nickname.

Arizona Young Republican National Committeeman Nick Moore pointed out McCain’s now-deleted tweet with a message of his own. Moore calls McCain a coastal elite before using McCain’s message to suggest Lake’s ‘conservative’ primary opponent is backed by “Republicans for Biden:”

During his many decades in Congress, Senator John McCain earned the nickname “Maverick” simply because he failed to support conservative priorities. KTAR reported:

McCain was called a maverick by the media during instances when he would break from his own party, most notably during his 2000 and 2008 presidential runs.

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3 Responses

  1. Meghan McCain — if you’re a Honest — True American — then you would be SUPPORTING Kari Lake & Pres. TRUMP!!!!!
    It IS TRUE — John McCain only cared about his-self!! He was willing to cause the “break-down” of America, —
    with his JEALOUSY for Pres. Trump !! John McCain “hung his self” with his OWN VANIETY — which is a
    “tool” of the devil ..!! THAT IS ALL John McCAIN IS KNOWN FOR IN HISTORY : just a little JEALOUS FOOL..!!!

    John McCain is a TRADER To American….!!!!

  2. MEGAN MCCAIN — We thought you would H O N E S T and speak the T R U T H by now!!!
    YOUR daddy was a FRAUD all his life —and caused the death of many military men ! ! ! Your daddy was
    just a JEALOUS Wanna- Be with “short-man syndrome” of trying to look like a big mucho — when he was just a
    “SHORT FOOL ..!! Committing adultery MANY females!! TREASONS against AMERICA ! ! ! !
    TRYING to make- his little selfish SELF into an “Idol” with his long list of “fake funerals & GLORIFYING HIS LYING SELF..!!! What a JOKE!!!

    *** PRES. Trump already is in history as the best, and honest President !!! Trump did a great job & accomplished more
    FOR American and even the world – – – than any other president!!!!*** All that – – while the ANTI- Americans of
    the Left-Socialist Global Marx of the DEMON – DemoRats fought against Trump as he was trying to save
    America from being turned into the “AOC Squad Socialist Globalist” ! ! !

    Meghan McCain time to “grow- up and get real”””” help your traitor mom ADMIT the TRUTH also! ! !

    P.S. >>> Kari Lake is one of the most wonderful honest people in our Gov. !! BE THANKFUL FOR KARI LAKE !!!

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