MLB Considers Moving All-Star Game as BLM, Sharpton Demand Georgia Boycott


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Following Georgia’s passage of an updated election integrity bill last week, several “Civil Rights” groups, along with Black Lives Matter, are pressuring organizations to boycott the state and demanding the MLB move the All-Star game from Atlanta this season. 

The MLB All-Star game takes place in Atlanta this year in July, but the left-wing plan to move the game is gaining traction. MLB Players Association rep Tony Clarke recently said that the union is “open to discussing moving the All-star game” following the passage of the bill. 

“Players are very much aware of the Georgia Voting bill, which places restrictions on voting that some believe will make it particularly difficult for black voters to reach the polls,” MLB player’s Union head Tony Clarke said. He went onto further elaborate saying that the MLB is “open,” to having discussions about moving the All-Star game. 

Other companies have also faced boycott pressure with Al Sharpton going on MSNBC Sunday calling on viewers to boycott companies who don’t pull business out of Georgia. 

Some of the companies that activists have singled out for boycotts include Coca-Cola, Arby’s, UPS, Delta Air Lines, and Home Depot, along with the MLB All-star game and other sporting events.

Sharpton’s rant continued, shaping into this nonsensical monologue:

“Veterans gave their lives to protect the democracy, and to think that some of those veterans could be, from Georgia, or from one of the 43 other states that are changing election laws is to really make a mockery of what veterans have given their lives for. When we look at this, we’re not only talking about the fact that they’re reacting, Republicans, are reacting to what happened last year in supporting Trump. They’re also looking for what may happen. Let’s not forget Governor Kemp is facing an election next year, re-election for governor. They are distorting and perverting the democratic process to protect themselves, which is an autocratic process that they are leaning on as said the autocratic wing of the party, that they are part of.”

Failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, along with radio talking heads and other Democrats, have said that the bill brings Georgia back to the “Jim Crow Era.” 

A “news” anchor joined in and said, “I mean just listening to you, I’m thinking of all the Coca-Cola ads running through my brain on tape. They have to rethink everything if they want to maintain their current position.” 

Georgia passed the bill after the 2020 Presidential election to fix numerous problems caused by mail-in voting, as well as other procedural issues pertaining to election security. 

As of Wednesday the 31st, the MLB All-star game is still scheduled to take place in Atlanta. 

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