WOW: MSNBC Just DESTROYED Biden On Inflation


msnbc show katy tur on biden inflation
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“…Inflation is a very big problem…”

Even MSNBC has started to see trouble brewing for the Biden administration regarding inflation and economic uncertainty.

In a live reporting segment called “Inflation Nation”, MSNBC anchor Katy Tur took a deep dive into the economic pain felt by everyday Americans.

Reporter: “It’s happening coast to coast: consumers are feeling the pain in their wallets with annual inflation hitting its highest point in nearly 41 years. Among the everyday staples…higher costs for chicken and beef, a gallon of milk up nearly 60 cents, and the price for a dozen eggs increasing more than a dollar…”

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Reporter: “Before the pandemic, the San Diego food bank served about 350,000 families. Now, adding inflation, they are now up to 500,000 per month.”

The MSNBC host asked, “how are all those increased costs playing into the midterms? Not well, if you are a Democrat under president Biden.” 

She cited a CNBC poll showing Biden’s economic and overall approval at record lows. 

msnbc screenshot showing biden historic lows in approval for july 2022
MSNBC screenshot showing Biden’s historic lows in approval for July 2022

“Both are the lowest marks for any president in the survey’s 15 year history…”

Inflation under President Biden has increased noticeably on both paper and in practice. Since the beginning of the Biden administration, inflation has increased nearly 4% in total, meaning Americans who make $40,000 per year saw their income reduced by $1,500 to $1,600

Economic trouble traditionally spells signs of electoral problems for an incumbent president. Time will tell what effect these struggles will have on both the 2022 midterm elections and the 2024 presidential election. 

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  1. Inflation may be presented as 9+%, but food prices are at 300% higher and gas prices at least 200% higher. Factor these two main necessities into the formula and there is no way overall inflation is at 9%!!!!!!! The rank and file are not that stupid! You need to wake up and report the truth. Wow!, What a change that would be.

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