New Poll Spells DOOM for Democrats as Americans Struggle


woman thinking about cost of biden gas prices, looking concerned
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Americans’ #1 and #2 concerns are inflation and gas prices, according to a Monmouth Poll released Tuesday. 

Biggest concerns for Americans according to this poll: 

Inflation – 33%
Gas Prices – 15%
Economy – 9%
Everyday bills, groceries, etc – 6%
Abortion, reproductive rights – 5%
Guns, gun ownership – 3%
Health care costs – 3%
Job security, unemployment- 3%
College tuition, school costs – 2%
Housing, mortgage, rent –  2%
Safety, crime – 2%
Civil rights – 1%
Climate change, environment – 1%
Coronavirus/COVID-19 – 1%
Education policy – 1%
Family illness, health – 1%
Quality of government – 1%
Social Security, seniors – 1%
Taxes – 1%
Immigration – 0%
Retirement savings – 0%
Terrorism, national security – 0%
Other 5%

More than 42% of respondents say they are struggling to stay financially afloat. A majority said the federal government’s actions are “hurting them” and Joe Biden’s policies are not benefitting the middle class. [Monmouth]

This poll is released in the midst of the Biden White House preparing for $10 per gallon gas before the midterms, according to a new report. Senior economists estimate the Strategic Petroleum Reserve cannot sustain the current rate of drainage, and prices will skyrocket as a result.

Photo credits: ABC News.

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  1. Why is it this administration can do whatever without majority concent of “we the people”. Way to much executive policy making for a small minority. This needs to stop and as Brandon says “Do It Now”.

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