Murderer of Trump Supporter Aaron ‘Jay’ Danielson was First Arrested the Night BEFORE August Killing


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Michael Reinoehl, the Portland Antifa gunman who shot Trump supporter Aaron Jay Danielson dead in August, was arrested the night before at a protest outside Portland Mayor, Ted Wheeler’s house before being released according to new reports.

The self-proclaimed Antifa loyalist was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon in Portland but was released the same night, he was also pictured with his 17-year-old son, who was carrying a baseball bat outside of Mayor Wheeler’s house. 

The report, which was released in a new book by journalist Andy Ngo, shows that police arrested Reinoehl on August 28 outside of Wheeler’s house, but ultimately released him the same night.

During the time of Reinoehl’s arrest, Portland was in its second month of “mostly peaceful” protest conducted by Black Lives Matter and Antifa. 

The night after he was released Reinoehl was captured on video on a Portland street shooting dead Aaron Danielson unprovoked as he waited for him around a corner of a building and ambushed him, on August 29. 

Following the shooting, Reinoehl fled Oregon and was tracked down by U.S marshalls in Lacey, Washington three nights later. He was shot dead in a gunfight with federal agents. Reinoehl proclaimed on his social media pages his loyalty and devotion to Antifa before the attack in Portland. 

Antifa and Black Lives Matter supporters praised the attack on Danielson saying that Danielson was a “Nazi,” and that Reinoehl “took out the trash.” 

Reinoehl’s social media postings consistently advocated for violent and armed revolution to take place in the United States. 

Reinoehl had a long criminal history and had multiple firearms on his person when U.S marshalls tracked him down in Washington state.

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