Musk Tweet CONFIRMS Evidence of Fauci Involvement in Twitter Censorship


dr fauci colluding with Twitter
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Just days after Twitter CEO Elon Musk tweeted out “my pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci”, Musk appears to have confirmed the reason he tweeted this statement: newly uncovered evidence of collusion between Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Federal Government, and former Twitter staff. 

In a tweet response to the Hodgetwins, a conservative comedian show duo, Musk tacitly confirmed this bombshell allegation. 

The Hodgetwins said, “Let me guess, you found messages between Twitter execs and our govt. (Fauci and team) pushing for censorship of anyone that didn’t go along with their narrative on Covid?”

Elon’s response was simple but concise, replying only with a trophy emoji – signifying the hunch from the Hodgetwins was correct. 

Musk also tweeted a response to America First Legal stating they had uncovered a secret Twitter portal used by U.S. government officials to censor COVID-19 views that dissented from the medical establishment. 

“Extremely concerning…” Musk replied to the original Twitter thread by the legal firm founded by Trump White House alum Stephen Miller. 

Wednesday’s news comes on the heels of information being released to the public on Twitter’s actions before Musk acquired the company. Several journalists, including Matt Taibbi and Bari Weiss, have been slowly packaging and releasing this information in the form of extensive Twitter threads called “Twitter Files.” These threads have been encouraged and promoted by Musk. 

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