NEVER FORGET: Thousands of Rabid Democrats STORMED Wisconsin State Capitol During THIS 2011 Riot (PICS & DETAILS)


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One year later, the January 6 Capitol breach in 2021 continues to be the Democrats’ primary political weapon and calling card against Republicans. The mostly peaceful demonstration by Trump supporters turned sour with the assistance of sketchy, potentially FBI-related plants encouraging others to enter the building, then became extremely violent, when Capitol police repeatedly punched and pepper-sprayed protestors in the Capitol tunnel.

Ashli Babbitt, a veteran who entered the Capitol building, was also murdered by an agent in the Capitol. However, the media made a villain out of the slain American, continuing to mock her to this day.

As the mainstream media holds candlelight vigils for the officers at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, many who brutally beat protestors, our publication wants to re-share the story of the Act 10 riots in Madison, Wisconsin, nearly 11 years after that attack on Democracy.

Angry about action against unions by Republican Governor Scott Walker, 70K-100K rioters descended on Wisconsin’s Capitol building on February 26, 2011, overtaking the entire space:

protestors standing outside of wisconsin state capitol in 2011

Predictably, even then, the liberal media praised these rioters, suggesting they were totally peaceful and ACTING on their Democratic rights, rather than threatening the institution. However, these unionists and progressives weren’t so innocent.

In fact, state police were shoved around and attacked by these rabid rioters. They tore down windows and broke doors in the building. Sound familiar? Here is an image showing rioters forcibly entering a door guarded by an officer, all in the name of peace:

Where were the candlelight vigils for this officer, who clearly also dealt with great stress and trauma after these events? Nothing from the media. Instead, left-wing sources beat the familiar drum of progressivism, praising the rioters for their civil disobedience, even when it became only “mostly peaceful.”

Similar anti-union, pro-taxpayer legislation was also enacted in other red states like Ohio. Guess what happened? Riots at the state capitol. Did the media lift a finger?

Yes! But only in excuse of the violence and disobedience brought upon by left-wingers. This is all extremely familiar to the January 6 riots, but also the communist Black Lives Matter attacks on cities across the country in 2020 and early 2021. It is absolutely disgusting that these radicals get away with murder and their own attacks on Americans, but rioters from J6 are locked up in inhumane prisons like animals.

protestors standing outside of wisconsin state capitol in 2011

In the aftermath of the February 2011 riots, police found hundreds of rounds of ammunition scattered throughout the city of Madison, including right outside the Capitol:

On March 3, police found 41 rounds of 22-caliber rifle ammunition outside the Wisconsin state Capitol.[82] Ammunition was also found inside a city and county government building in downtown Madison.

Clearly, there was an event planned to take severe violent action against Republican legislatures voted in by constituents. January 6 was NOTHING of the sort, yet those who entered the Capitol, with the doors opened by officers, are now rotting in prison.

The correlation of February 2011 to January 2021 has been fact-checked by left-wing arbiters of truth and labeled “false” by opinionated progressives who look at folks that question elections with noses turned up. But the ACTUAL facts are clear: J6 is a witchhunt against working-class right-wing folks who dare to question the validity of an election that saw laws changed illegally across the country in the run-up to election day.

When it was left-wingers attacking a government building, the media fanned the flames, just like they did when communists took to the streets to burn down hard-working Americans’ storefronts. All in the name of justice. The media’s despicable lying will never be forgotten by American patriots. And they better hope they tell all sides of the story when a REAL insurrection comes to this country.

We will continue to report on the abuses happening to members of the protest in prison, and we will continue to support those that are being used as political examples. Here are some of our latest reports:

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