NEW: Durham Indictment Shatters Trump-Russia Hoax, Finds THIS Link to Clinton


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A new long-awaited bombshell indictment from DOJ Special Counsel John Durham has confirmed what many already believed: the Trump-Russia scandal is a total hoax. The 39-page indictment of Steele dossier source Igor Danchenko shows that the entire claim linking the Trump campaign to Russian operatives was utterly exaggerated out of thin air.

After harping on the issue for years, left-wing media organizations like the Washington Post have failed to correct their pages upon pages of biased, false reporting. It was all a trumped-up fairy tale designed to divide Americans and cast a curtain of doubt on the Trump campaign.

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Igor Danchenko, the indictment’s subject, was the primary source in Christopher Steele’s dossier, which the media hasn’t stopped talking about since the ‘probe’ was originally launched. Danchenko, the new indictment suggests, was lying about plenty the whole time.

And, aside from Danchenko, other sources of ‘information’ were also Clinton-linked operatives. Here is the man named in the indictment as “PR Executive 1,” a Clinton campaign vet and hardcore career Democrat:

Another aspect of the indictment is proof that real estate broker Sergei Millian, who Danchenko officially said alleged a conspiracy on a phone call, never actually did make such allegations on a call.

Investigative journalist/blogger TechnoFog laid out five lies that Danchenko committed, according to the new findings from Durham:

  • Falsely denying he didn’t talk to the Democrat PR executive (Dolan) about the dossier allegations.
  • Falsely stating he took a 2016 call from Russian Sergei Millian (whom he says alleged a Trump/Russia conspiracy).
  • Falsely stating in another FBI interview that he took the 2016 call from Millian.
  • Falsely stating he talked to Millian more than once over the phone.
  • Lying in another FBI interview about his conversations with Millian.

Many Americans knew it was all set up by Clinton operatives, but Durham’s indictment confirms this for all to see. Hopefully, the fake news media will come out and admit their perpetual reports were all based on lies. But we aren’t holding our breath.

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