VIDEOS: Project Veritas EXPOSES New Jersey Poll Workers; Other Footage Shows Faulty Machines


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In all-too-unsurprising developments, Project Veritas and New Jersey citizens have posted clips to the internet showing election irregularities in the Garden State, known for its corruption and mismanagement.

Incumbent Democrat Governor Phil Murphy came out on top of underdog Republican candidate Jack Ciattarelli in Tuesday’s election, but even as early as Wednesday, folks shared concerns about fraudulent voter behavior in the state.

Ciattarrelli, a relatively unknown former state legislator prior to staking claim to the GOP nomination, ran a surprisingly impressive campaign, bringing the race all the way down to the wire. His campaign went to sleep on Tuesday with a lead, but in the dead of night, a ‘ballot dump’ from Bergen County flipped the district completely in an odd statistical ‘mystery.’

Obviously, after the national mess of an election that was 2020, many Americans have plenty of cause for concern over the integrity of their elections. And now, the surfacing of new clips has brought even more questions.

Project Veritas’ undercover footage shows poll workers deliberately allowing a man to vote DESPITE him ADMITTING to them that he is NOT registered to vote. One poll worker even suggests that they “let anyone in” [to vote] during the 2020 Presidential election.


It’s worth noting that, in Virginia, Republicans organized an impressive poll watching strategy, mitigating voter fraud concerns. In New Jersey, no such organization was made, considering the unlikeliness of a GOP victory in the gubernatorial election. This is an important fact that the media is overlooking now, as conservatives share concerns.

Another clip has surfaced, going viral on Twitter. This video shows a would-be Jack Ciattarelli voter having difficulties selecting her candidate of choice, but only for the Governor’s race.

Poll workers around her told her she was doing something wrong, but clearly, anyone with eyes can see what went on here. Watch that clip here:

Even with these election irregularities, sane New Jerseyans swarmed to the polls in unprecedented numbers to vote for Republicans, including Edward Durr, a former truck driver, who took down the most powerful legislator in the state.

Read more about Durr’s improbable and amazing story here:

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