NEW: Even These Left-Wing Polls Show Biden’s Approval TANKING


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For the first time since taking over the White House seven months ago, Joe Biden’s poll numbers are officially underwater.

According to the Real Clear Politics average of polls, which is the measure political scientists rely on most in tracking presidential approval, only 46 percent of Americans now feel comfortable endorsing Biden’s job performance, versus 48 percent who do not.  

Rasmussen, whose polls have been fairly accurate predictors of recent elections, and whose surveys rely on likely rather than registered voters, was the largest factor in driving Biden’s average down, showing him with a mere 44 percent positive rating.

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USA Today and Suffolk’s poll of 1000 registered voters also drags down the average, suggesting even mainstream liberal consumers are voicing concerns about Biden.

Overall, Biden’s numbers have slipped nearly nine points since election day, and his rating deficit may be even worse than the data shows, as mainstream pollsters consistently favor Democrats in their results.   

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