NEW Footage Shows Capitol Officers Brutally Beating and Pepper Spraying Female Jan. 6 Protester


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A newly leaked video from the January 6 protests shows a woman, Victoria White, being repeatedly struck by U.S. Capitol police. During the videos’ multi-minute span, the woman was struck roughly forty times by the federal officers. The clip was under government seal until recently, when a federal judge ordered it to be released because White is currently being charged with felonies from the January 2021 protest.

White, a 39-year-old woman from Minnesota, is seen being brutally roughed around by federal goons, receiving repetitive punches, and having her hair ripped at inside the Capitol tunnel. She was also pepper-sprayed multiple times.

Victoria White pictured outside the US Capitol

White’s attorney is insisting that the federal beating she took at the hands of Capitol Police is a crime, and he told the Epoch Times that he wants a special prosecutor the investigate:

“A special prosecutor without a doubt should be appointed … There needs to be an independent investigation … She didn’t do anything wrong that day. She got pushed into a tunnel. We’re going to make sure they’re held accountable … We are going to defend her with the full force of truth … and we are going to pursue justice for her because that is exactly what she needs and what she deserves. We’re going to hold the person and the people that hurt her accountable to the fullest extent of the law. There’s no doubt about it.”

The Epoch Times obtained video clips from the released footage showing the woman being struck by the police. White is identified as the woman outlined in a red box in the clips, embedded below.

The Epoch Times reports:

About one minute into the video, White slumped down near the floor and was struck twice with a collapsible baton. She covered her head with her arm. The officer thrust the butt of the baton at her and then struck at her head. His baton got stuck in the crook of her arm and he yanked it back while her arms were flailing. An officer standing above her sprayed pepper spray in her eyes from fewer than 12 inches away.

Over the next minute, she received several baton blows and several stabs from the baton. In a roughly 10-second period, the officer in white struck White’s head eight times, then punched her with his left fist. About three minutes into the video, the officer made a fist and punched White in the face and head six times. Another police officer—with both hands on his baton—jammed the butt of the weapon at her face and then rammed her with the baton 10 times, the video shows.

Numerous times, White is seen gripping the edge of a riot shield in what appeared to be attempts to stand. She was pushed back and forth as the crowd of police moved about. At about the four minute, 30 second mark, White was semi-reclined and looked at two of the police and said something. She earlier told an interviewer that she reminded them of the oath they took to defend the Constitution. One of the officers grabbed her arm, pushed her away and then pulled her back, causing her to fall to the floor.


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  1. The officers and those who are covering for them should all be charged, found guilty and put in prison, They are all in the cover up together.

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