3 Elite Soccer Players Die from ‘Mysterious’ Heart Attacks in a Matter of Days (DETAILS)


3 soccer players die from heart attacks
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Tragically, three international soccer players aged thirty and under died from heart attacks during the week of Christmas. As we have previously reported, these terrible losses have followed a trending uptick in cardiovascular deaths amongst the world’s most elite athletes.

Mainstream media sources have relentlessly tried to suppress these stories, as questions mount regarding the mysterious deaths and whether they are connected to the rushed coronavirus vaccines administered worldwide. Fact-checkers have pounced on any reports challenging their narrative, including ours linked above, simply asking readers to give them the benefit of the doubt, totally denying any and all connections to the vaccine with zero hard proof to back it up.

While causation also can not be verifiably linked to the jab, almost all soccer leagues worldwide mandate an injection, and Americans have plenty of cause for concern considering Big Pharma’s desperate rush to hide adverse reaction data from the world.

Some of that data, released via a court order, even backs up those concerns. We reported on the 1,200+ deaths Pfizer’s vaccine caused here, many of them vaccine-induced heart attacks and myocarditis. But in the situations of the three footballers highlighted in this article, any mention of vaccination status is mysteriously omitted in their death. However, it is important to reiterate that athletes worldwide have been subject to mandatory vaccines.

Without further adieu, let’s get into these recent heart attacks, stories coming from Oman, Algeria, and Croatia. The three soccer players who have died within the past couple of weeks are as follows: Mukhaled Al-Raqadi (Oman), Sofaine Loukar (Algeria), and Marin Cacic (Croatia). Below, we’ve listed additional details for each now-deceased player.

Mukaheled Al-Raqadi, 29 Years Old

Marca reports:

His club Muscat FC were to take on Suwaiq, but the player suffered an issue during the warm-ups and was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he passed away shortly after arriving.

“‘With hearts full of faith and accepting God’s decisions, Muscat Sports Club and all related to it extend their sincerest condolences to the Al-Raqadi family,'” a club statement said.

There have also been heart issues of late with Sergio Aguero and Piotr Zielinski, which has caused alarm across the wider footballing world.”

Sofiane Loukar, 30 Years Old

The UK’s Mirror reports:

“Algerian football is in mourning after the tragic death of a 30-year-old player in a fixture on Christmas Day.

Sofiane Lokar underwent a heart attack and died while playing for Mouloudia Saida against Oran during a match in the country’s second-tier … Lokar served as Saida captain and it is believed he got married last week, making Christmas Day’s events even more heartbreaking.”

Marin Cacic, 23 Years Old

The US Sun reports:

The NK Nehaj player collapsed in training a few days ago and was taken to hospital where he was placed into a coma … The sad news has also been reported by Bosnia and Herzegovina news-site Klix that ‘his doctors fought unsuccessfully for his life’.

It is reported that the centre-half ‘suddenly collapsed during training’ after suffering a ‘heart attack’.

Cacic started his career with youth teams in Rijeka, had a spell in Italy with lower league side Isernia, before ending up at NK Nehaj, based in the town of Senj.”

Interestingly enough, none of the leagues these three players compete in around the world include anything on their official websites regarding vaccinations. However, it needs to be reiterated that forced vaccine tyranny has become widespread within the global sports world, despite such scant evidence showing that young, healthy individuals even benefit from the jab.

These players were playing soccer at the very highest levels in their respective countries, and while cardiac events have happened historically during the sport, the recent spike in events is unheard of, alarming, and quite possibly connected to Big Pharma’s new international cash cow.


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  1. Have they ever had s CAT scan of their heart. They may have other problems that their doctors didn’t bother telling them about,

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