New Poll Shows Youngkin Gaining HUGE Lead Over McAuliffe


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A brand new Fox News poll shows Republican Glenn Youngkin up EIGHT points on Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia gubernatorial race.

The poll is the latest installment in a series conducted by Fox News surveying likely voters in the Commonwealth. The latest results are a shocking development as Republicans have become energized by sexual assault cover-ups in Virginia schools.

Here’s how large the shift really is:

Yes, you are reading that correctly. The SAME poll shows a MASSIVE seven-point improvement for Glenn Youngkin in this razor-thin race over the course of just two weeks. The election is set for November 2nd, but Virginians have been voting all month long.

Youngkin and McAuliffe’s race is seen by many as a 2022 litmus test for the Democrats in relatively blue areas. If the Republicans win back Virginia, conservatives have quite a bit to be excited about in the Midterms. But as always, Republicans will need their voters to come out and secure what would be a massive victory for the party.


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