NFL Coach Fined for Sharing Right-Wing Views (WATCH)


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Washington Commanders Defensive Coordinator Jack Del Rio was fined $100,000 this week by Head Coach Ron Rivera after making his views on the January 6 circus known.

In a press conference with reporters, Del Rio discussed his frustration with the January 6 committee witch hunt after the media never called out Black Lives Matter and its deadly violence months prior.


After making these comments, Head Coach Ron Rivera released a statement attacking Del Rio for his views and announcing a $100K fine.

In the statement, Rivera said Del Rio was wrong to compare the January 6 events and the violent, fiery BLM riots during the “Summer of Love” after Goerge Floyd’s death, calling those riots “peaceful protests.”

Unfortunately, for the Americans killed in that string of riots, including elderly storeowners and retired police, folks like Rivera have somehow managed to ignore their tragic deaths.

Rivera also noted that the $100K would be rerouted to the Capitol Police Memorial Fund.

Sports personality Clay Travis shredded the team for its ‘unprecedented’ political fine. Watch:

4 Responses

  1. Just another reason the NFL is dead to me. I used to be a rabid fan, but I haven’t turned on a game since 2016.

  2. Just don’t support the Deadskins. When a coach can be fined for expressing his 1st amendment right to a position then this team is not worth squat. They belong in the swamp.

  3. Ron Rivera you were a stand up guy when you played for the Bears. You must be an insecure ass kissing woke member of that stupidity re-named Redskin’s team

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