SHOCKING Poll Spells DISASTER for Biden in Blue State


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President Joe Biden is now underwater in the reliably, deep blue state of Massachusetts. The poll conducted by Civiqs was recently released on June 10 and showed President Biden in the negative, with only 44 percent of Massachusetts residents approving of his job.

According to the Civiqs poll, 43 percent of Massachusetts residents disapprove of how President Biden has done his job thus far. The numbers spell trouble for Biden, as nearly half of liberal Massachusetts is not pleased with the President. 

As his poll numbers drop among white voters in the state, his support in the African-American community remains strongest with 61 percent approving of Biden’s Presidency.

Similarly, 59 percent of hispanics approve of the way Joe Biden is conducting his Presidency, and only 27 percent disapprove. When broken down into subcategories, the President received his strongest support amongst older hispanic voters, with 50 to 64-year-olds standing at 75 percent, and those 65 or older giving Biden a 78% approval rating. 

“The problem is simple,” an anonymous Democratic strategist told the Hill.

“The American people have lost confidence in Biden. You have an energy crisis, that’s paralyzing, and inflation at a 40-year high, and we’re heading into a recession.” 

The poll coincides with recently released national polls this week which have President Biden sitting at a meager 39 percent approval, with more than half the adults in the U.S. disapproving.

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  1. Live in MA and frankly this poll is surprising. Maybe there ishope for MA voters after all. From what I have seen, the MA voters are stuck in the blue sluge. They voe for the D party, and most do not consider the person/candidate and what those views are. As long as they have a “D” after their name, tey will vote for it!
    True story–A well educated middle age female was asked why she voted for Biden, her answer was “well he is a democrat and I am a registered democrat so I had to vote for him”. Honestly, that is the mind-set of some of thge MA voters.
    Another true story. A gentleman in his 80’s told me he had to vote for a democrat b/c he was a regisered democrat. When I told him, only in primaries, he was schocked and hought I was lying. Well after checking with the town’s election office he changed his affillation to independent. Seriously, again that is the mind-set of manmy Senirs in MA. Talk about brainwashed from birth! A lot of those peope do not hink for themselves, which is pretty sad.

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