NJ Priest Says His Congregation Has Doubled Since Appearing on Tucker, Filing Lawsuits Against Governor Murphy


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A Northern New Jersey priest, who appeared on Fox New’s Tucker Carlson’s Tonight show twice during this pandemic, has recently said that his congregation has nearly doubled since he’s been getting national exposure. Reverend Father Kevin Robertson of St. Anthony of Padua, a church in Northern New Jersey, has appeared on Tucker’s show multiple times.

Thursday night, on Christmas Eve, Reverend Robertson joined Tucker during a “best of” show to give an update on the status of his church, and an update on the lawsuits he filed against New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy. 

Father Robertson first appeared on the show in May a month after the Governor ordered that church’s and some other indoor facilities be limited in their size and attendance and limiting churches to a 25 percent capacity. “People are looking for the truth, holiness, and some courage and conviction,” Robertson said on Thursday’s night show when Tucker asked him about the church’s growth. 

Governor Murphy’s executive order restricts the indoor capacity of restaurants and bars, along with most churches to an approximate 25 percent while he allowed secular businesses to remain open, with an increase 

“Other churches are closed, and people are coming to us, and are very grateful,” Reverend Murphy continued. 

The church has been able to keep its services responsible for the public with social distancing in place, and hand sanitizing stations in place around the church. 

The church has also benefited from a recent Supreme Court ruling, stating that the Governor’s orders were violating their religious freedoms, and unfairly targeting churches and places of worship. The Court also ruled with synagogues in New York who sued Governor Andrew Cuomo, over his executive orders.  

“We’re very grateful to the Supreme Court, taking our case seriously for the common good,” Father Robertson recently told Fox and Friends.

The court also ruled in favor of the Dioceses of Brooklyn in neighboring New York, where Governor Andrew Cuomo imposed tight restrictions on houses of worship at the onset of the crisis in April.

“The restrictions at issue here, by effectively barring many from attending religious services, strike at the very heart of the First Amendment’s guarantee of religious liberty,” the Supreme Court said after its ruling. 

The Jewish community in New York City, has also been in a fight against their Governor and against Mayor Bill de Blasio, who has said that he would shut down the synagogues if they continued with the large gatherings in Brooklyn and other boroughs.

“In other words, the Supreme Court says to the lower court, you got it wrong the first time. Get it right this time, in view of our decision in the Brooklyn Diocese case,” says Father Robertson’s legal representative, Christopher Ferra.

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