NJ State Senator Introduces Bill Forcing All Children to Take COVID-19 Vaccine


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New Jersey State Senator Joseph Vitale has recently introduced a bill that would require mandatory Coronavirus vaccines for all kids.

Vitale’s mandate would have no exemptions, meaning New Jerseyans cannot forgo the vaccine for religious reasons.

In a press conference Friday, Senator Vitale stated, “I’d like to incorporate it into the other vaccination bill that would require children to get vaccinated as a condition entering school.”

Vitale also expressed his hope that the vaccine will be required for “University students within the state.”

Currently, New Jersey requires vaccines for Chickenpox, Polio, and MMR to attend school. However, those vaccines have been through years of rigorous testing, and trials, while the Covid-19 vaccine has only been through a few months of rushed trials.

Students can be exempt from the currently required vaccines for religious reasons, but Senator Vitale believes that exemption should not exist.

After Vitale’s disregard for the 1st Amendment, Sue Collins the Co-founder of the New Jersey Coalition for Vaccine Choice explained perfectly that “No medical procedure should ever be mandated, especially something so new, with so many unknowns and no long-term knowledge at all.”

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