YouGov Poll: 42% of Americans Say They Won’t Take COVID-19 Vaccine


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A recently released poll conducted by YouGov/Yahoo has shown that 42 percent of the American public won’t take a Covid-19 vaccine once it becomes widely available which should be shortly after shipments started yesterday. Several companies have contributed to the fast development of the vaccine,  though there is widespread skepticism regarding the first round of the vaccine.

President Trump helped set the environment up for the development of the vaccine in the last six months with the creation of Operation Warp Speed, with a goal of creating the most effective vaccine available in the shortest amount of time. The creation of Operation Warp Speed is a partnership between the U.S Federal Government and non-Governmental pharmaceutical companies, to help find a Vaccine. 

Through operation Warp Speed, the Federal government made millions of dollars available to pharmaceutical companies Johnson and Johnson (456 million) and Moderna (483 million) for research and development of the vaccine. Other actions were taken to lessen the burden for these companies to produce a vaccine and distribute tests on patients. 

These actions have led to the development of a Vaccine by companies Moderna and Johnson and Johnson over the past couple of months, culminating in the shipment of Pfizer’s vaccine yesterday, which was the first pharmaceutical company to produce a successful vaccine. 

The previous high for opposition to the vaccine was 55 percent, recorded by the same poll.

Critical care front-line workers already started to get the vaccine on Sunday and Monday with a nurse from Long Island Jewish hospital (LIJ) getting her shot being one of the first to get the Vaccine in the New York area. 

The vaccines come at a time when the U.S has seen its deadliest stretch of the pandemic so far, with many hospitals hitting peak capacity throughout the United States.

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