NO, Defunding the Police Will NOT Bring Peace.


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Politicians and activists from all around the country have continued to change the narrative every 2-4 weeks. First, it was the severity of COVID, then the conversation with whether or not masks were a good thing or not, and it continues to change. Even if you are living under a rock, we are sure you’ve heard about the new narrative that is being taught all around the country. It’s the narrative of racial relations and the police force. Defunding the Police has turned into accusatory actions from the other side of the aisle and in most cases, instances of violence and vandalism have ensued. Why? They believe if they protest long enough and try to burn down America, the powers that be will listen and successfully defund the force that is meant to serve and protect our communities. 

The protestors and the media have been screaming loud and clear what they think our world would look like with the police. It’s a utopia-like world where there is peace and harmony, murder is no more, and people of color are no longer targeted. But there is one problem with this utopian world they are protesting for — it’s impossible to live in a world like this. If America were to defund the police, we would no longer be safe. Without the police, we could be finding ourselves living in an episode of The Purge. Sure, those who want to defund the police believe social workers can do a better job, but those in the profession are not trained to do what a cop can do. They wouldn’t be able to protect you in a way a cop could. Without the police force, our world would burn and chaos would reign.

When they say defunding the police will bring peace, they are lying to you. Living in a world without cops is just the beginning of a future with communism. They want to be successful with defunding those who are trained to serve and protect because, without them, they can govern and take control, turning America into a police state. The term ‘police state’ began in Austria during the 18th century and was thought to be a good thing and for the good of the people. It is a form of government where the law is derived with executive power, with widespread surveillance and suppression of free speech. When you live in a police state, you do as you’re told and freedom is nonexistent. Totalitarianism takes full control, and as much as many don’t want to admit it, this is what several of those in power want America to become. A world without police may sound peaceful, but it’s anything but. 

Take a look at North Korea or China. Dictatorship is strong in both of these countries and the citizens are oppressed. You will never read a story that speaks about someone escaping America to find a better life in either country. Why? Because life in these countries brings suppression, while authoritarianism is applauded. A world without police does not bring peace, it brings tyranny. It brings violence, control, and danger. They are lying to you and you must not fall for it. 

Think about the law enforcement who ran into the Twin Towers on September 11. They didn’t rush in to cause violence, they rushed in to protect and to save as many lives as possible. A police officer keeps the community safe when they arrest a rapist or a serial killer that is on the loose. The police force isn’t there to cause violence or harm when that is not called for. Without the police, buildings would burn, young children and mothers would be murdered, banks would be robbed, and the world would burn. Defunding the police will never bring the kind of justice or peace they are hoping for. Without the police, life would be brutal, nasty, traumatizing, and short. You simply cannot live in a utopian world with those who want to kill you, abuse you, rape you, and take from you all that you hold dear. 

When they say the police force is nothing but an organization that wishes to cause violence on others, they are lying to you. Police are the heroes that run into gunfire to protect you and your loved ones when most flee in panic. These officers who work on the frontlines day in and day out do it with valor and honor and to defund them would be a disgrace for our communities and our country. 

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