NEW: 20% of Mail-in Votes FRAUDULENT in NJ City, Investigation Concludes


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A recent investigation found massive fraud in a mail-in-voting election. New Jersey had a special election on May 12 and only allowed mail-in-ballots due to coronavirus concerns. The Postal Inspection Service found that hundreds of ballots were sitting in a mailbox, and the board of elections disqualified another 2,300 ballots because their signatures did not match voting records. A woman in Paterson City told NBC how she never received a ballot and never voted despite there being a list of supposed voters from her neighborhood. New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal filed charges against Paterson city officials who participated in this voting fraud.

The recent scandal from New Jersey validates President Trump’s claim on Twitter that mail-in-voting would lead to massive fraud. Twitter fact-checked the President’s tweets, even though he was giving an opinion and predicting the outcome of mail-in-elections when he sent those tweets. Though it should not be a divisive issue, voting has become very partisan. Many Democrats including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are pushing for mail-in-voting, citing health risks of in-person voting. Democrats claim there is no high incidence of voter fraud. They also claim Republicans want to suppress the vote when they support something as basic as voter I.D. Laws. The push for mail-in-voting goes beyond abolishing voter I.D. and has shown itself to have harmful consequences. Alongside the special election in New Jersey, there are other examples of mail-in-voting fraud. Nevada, Georgia, and West Virginia have all experienced problems related to mail-in-ballots. The Heritage Foundation also has a database showing all the proven cases of voter fraud generally. Currently, more than 1,000 proven cases exist along with over 1,000 criminal convictions. 

While voting from home may sound nice while the coronavirus still exists, Democratic politicians are overlooking the documented instances of fraud and trying to gain votes no matter the cost. The idea that we can have virtually no restrictions on voting and avoid fraud at the same time has no conclusive evidence to support it.

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