“No One F*cks with a Biden” President Caught on Hot Mic in Florida


no one f*cks with a biden hot mic south florida
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President Joe Biden was caught on a hot mic this week while touring the hurricane-bashed community of Ft. Myers, Florida. 

The President shook hands with Ray Murphy, the mayor of Ft. Myers. After exchanging pleasantries, Biden began talking about family loyalty.  

“You were raised the same way I was”, Biden said. “I was, I was,” Mayor Murphy responded. 

The President delivered the now-infamous line, “No one f*cks with a Biden.” 

The mayor responded, “G*ddamn right,”

“And you can’t argue with your brothers outside the house,” Biden said in his final line.

President Biden took the trip to south Florida to tour the area and offer his support to residents. Governor Ron Desantis made the trip with Biden, giving photographers the opportunity to capture the two men together. While their public-facing speeches were united, a keen observer could note the natural tension between both statesmen. 

biden and desantis in fort myers florida
Biden speaking with Governor DeSantis in background. Ft. Myers, Florida.

Biden praised DeSantis for his terrific handling of Hurricane Ian but then proceeded to ramble about Global warming and telephone poles. 

During his initial speech, Biden decided to get political and say that Hurricane Ian “ended the discussion” about whether climate change is real. 

DeSantis is rumored to either run for president in 2024 or be tapped as the VP candidate for Donald Trump‘s ticket. Both paths set him on a course for national office, likely setting up future fights between Biden and DeSantis – making this meeting in Florida a foreshadowing of things to come. 

Photo credits: New York Post, AP.

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6 Responses

  1. We should be feeling sorry for Biden. He’s going to take the fall for everything when the bottom falls out, but we all know this is Obamas third term.

  2. Climate change is a hoax as is global warming and the dictator in charge knows it. To bad there are so many blind people in the democrat party as to put this fool in office and then support him. He has turned America in to the laughing stock of the world. If he where any more spineless he would he would be nothing but a pile of jelly on the ground. He is nothing more than a liar, just like his congress and VP., as well as a traitor who has turned on the country, We The People, the constitution and his oath of office. Should be tried as a traitor and convicted.

  3. No one F@&*S with a Bozo……….. except Russia, N. Korea, China, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and anybody else who wants to.

  4. Hidenbiden,is a lying,senile,frail,old puppet fool, it looks like a lot of countries, are telling the fool, to fuck off. SaudiArabia,just stuck it to u,russia fiped u off,iran is threatening u every day. Come on man,tough guy,huh,u are a little worthless, weasle, getting walked all over on,because u are so spineless, and weak.U are the laughing stock of America, and all it’s allies.We will get rid of u before the election of 2024, u aren’t the president but a clown sit=in, by the deep state until the mid=terms.

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