NYC Shooter Suspect is Radical Black Nationalist with Anti-White Views


nyc black nationalist shooter
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Authorities in New York have released a photo of a suspect they believe is connected to the shooting at a Subway station in Brooklyn, New York on Tuesday morning. Frank James was arrested Wednesday afternoon in connection with the shooting, which left over 20 people injured and multiple dead during rush hour Tuesday morning. 

A U-Haul truck tied to James was found by the scene linking him to the area Tuesday morning. During the shooting, the suspect’s gun jammed, which prevented his attack from continuing further. and journalist Andy Ngo have uncovered the suspect’s personal Facebook page along with a YouTube channel, where the suspect has repeatedly spouted leftist views, and his hatred of white people. 

“The vast majority of people, white mother******, are racist,” James said in one video. In another video, he claimed that the shooter who worked at the Molson Coors facility in Wisconsin, Anthony Ferrill, was bullied because he was black, which led to him shooting and killing five of his co-workers before he committed suicide. James ranted that he was a mechanist and dealt with “racism” in that field “time and again.” He also said that mechanists were “a bunch of racist white mother f***** in that trade.” 

Journalist Andy Ngo also found several concerning posts. One meme states that former President Trump and his followers were racist. The Facebook posts were posted under the alias “Frank Whitaker” which has been connected to James’ account. 

James also posted several posts showing his support for BLM and the shooter who assassinated Dallas police officers in 2016. 

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