US Postal Service STOPS Mail Service in Cali City Due to Crime


white usps mail truck in santa monica california
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The United States Postal Service warned residents of Santa Monica, California they would be suspending mail services in parts of the city due to a rise in mailmen being assaulted and attacked. 

Local homeowners expressed their thoughts on the matter, “My immediate reaction was just disappointment… frustration,” said Courtney Smith, according to CBS Los Angeles. 

Another resident told Fox 11, “I think it’s rather frustrating to see that police aren’t able to come out and enforce things and make the neighborhood safer for the people who work hard and pay taxes…” 

“It sucks. Obviously this is never good and unfortunately the whole block has to pay for it. Hopefully we catch the guy…” said another resident, Matt Donald.

The original letter from the post office to local residents stated, “Multiple carriers have been subjected to assaults and threats of assault from an individual who has not been located or apprehended. The safety of our employees and of the mail they deliver to you is our highest concern. Until we can ensure the safety of both, delivery of services will remain suspended”. 

One official report was filed on January 19th for an incident involving a mail carrier being attacked by a resident with a broomstick. According to reports, mail carriers have also been threatened with either golf clubs or baseball bats. The situation has been happening for a few weeks, according to locals. A resident mentioned they had seen mail strewn across the street from a man kicking a mail cart and threatening the mailman.

The story was reported from the 1300th block of 14th Street in Santa Monica, CA. 

This is not the first time a California mail carrier has been attacked in the streets. An Oakland man robbed a mail carrier at gunpoint in late 2021, and faced charges of assault on a federal employee. A San Fransisco mail carrier was stabbed 5 times on his way home from work last April. 

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