Pelosi Caught SHOVING Daughter of New GOP Rep. Mayra Flores (VIDEO)


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Earlier in June, Republican Mayra Flores flipped a Democrat stronghold in Texas in a special election that had voted blue for four decades straight. Last week, joined by her border patrol agent husband, two sons, and two daughters, Flores was sworn into Congress by Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

But during a photo of the whole group, Nancy Pelosi was caught elbowing and literally shoving Flores’ daughter.

In the video, Nancy Pelosi can be seen elbowing and forcefully pushing Flores’ young daughter to her right. She doesn’t look too pleased, either.


Pelosi’s bizarre shove comes as the Democrats brace for massive losses in the 2022 midterm elections. Rep. Mayra Flores will once again be on the ballot in her Hispanic-dominated Texas district.

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